Observers' Meetings

These meetings are usually held twice a year in May and November.

The next Observers’ meeting will be on Thursday 21st November 2024

The previous meeting was on
8th May:
download the minutes here

Risk Assessment

To find the Risk Assessment on the IAM RoadSmart website:

Log on to your ‘Dashboard’ go to ‘Group Management’ then ‘Group Handbook’ Appendix 6, pages 115 to 122.

Training resources

Our Chief Observer and our local Examiners have produced some useful documents to help our Observers when preparing Associates for the Test.

These are available for download to add to your Associate training resources.

Examiners' thoughts:

We have had two IAM RoadSmart examiners attend our meetings. Tim Eden and Roger Ware each gave a wide-ranging talk covering many of the points that they encounter in their work for IAM RoadSmart.

Download Tim’s comments here

Download Roger’s comments here