Exeter & Torbay Advanced Motorists

Welcome to Exeter and Torbay Advanced Motorists (ETAM).  We are the friendly, local group representing IAM RoadSmart in and around Exeter, Torbay and the rural areas of East, Mid and South Devon.

If you are unsure whether we are the right group for you, please contact us or look for other local groups on our Help page.

Next Monthly Meeting

3rd July 2024
at 19.30

This will be one of

Meg’s excellent Driveouts,

which we always enjoy!

Next Driveout

We will continue regular monthly Driveouts around the area, usually the third Wednesday of the month – dates and venues will be confirmed here and by email.

The July Driveout

Morning Driveout

Wednesday, 17th July, 10.30 am.

Location to be confirmed.

Tonight! – but at The Seven Stars
(in the main street)

IAM RoadSmart Skills Days for Members

IAM RoadSmart have announced
the 2024 Skills Days

Booking is now open on the RoadSmart Skills page

Our monthly news update

Monthly Group Meetings

The ETAM group meets monthly (except January) on the first Wednesday evening. We hold other meetings and drive-outs as well.

The future programme is detailed on our Events page.

If you are interested in finding out more about us or what we offer, please come along to a meeting – or contact us.

Not joined yet? Have a look at the courses:

Preparation for the Advanced Test is available for anyone that purchases the course from IAM Roadsmart – see details here.

IAM RoadSmart also offer a Mature Driver Review.

If you have any questions or want to discuss what’s involved, please contact us.

Want some background information
about the ETAM Group?

Download our information leaflet here

Highway Code introduces a

New Hierarchy of Road Users

Urban Driving 

Driving and riding in urban areas can always be a challenge.

Especially with the new Highway Code changes, we need to be alert to new dangers: people in the roadway when we don’t expect them being just one example – particularly when traffic was unusually heavy or fast-moving near junctions.

Some drivers may be ignoring the new priorities and some may be just in a tearing hurry.

As IAM RoadSmart members, let’s think carefully about our driving and use our skills and training to . . .